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Ed Pape Movies of Concordia

Old movies of Concordia, MO as well as St. Paul's Church, School, and College that were taken by Ed Pape during the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s had been posted on various websites such as Google Video and  However, the files were eventually deleted from those websites.

Before removing them, archived the movies at another website designed for long-term archival storage, namely  You can locate and download the movies by going to that website.

Unfortunately, several of the better movie clips were not transferred and lost in the process.  In order to access all of these movie clips, go to the following page:

Online viewing may be jerky and pixelated.  You may have better results by downloading the files onto your computer; but the files can be quite large.


Higher resolution versions of these movies are available on DVD at the Concordia Library, St. Paul's Church, and the Good Shepherd Home.  They have also been archived in the Western Historical Manuscripts Collection, Columbia, MO and at the Concordia Historical Institute, St. Louis.


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