Ed Pape Movie Files -
The following are links to various clips of home movies taken by Ed Pape during the 1940s, 50s and early 60s.

They can be accessed in one of two formats, i.e. as MPEG files
(.mpg) or as QuickTime multimedia files (.mov).  Depending on how your  browser is configured, when you click on one of these links you may be able to view the video directly in your browser or you may have to download the file to your computer and use the appropriate video player to view the movie.

Concordia clips:

Businesses -  
mpg    mov
Views of the business places along Main St. in Concordia and along old Highway 40.

Country scenes -  mpg    mov
Shots of various farm families, farming activity (including pressing sorghum) and the countryside around Concordia.

Other activities -  mpg    mov
Several miscellaneous activities, including a Forum Club Arbor Day observance, Civic Club trip to K.C.,  tornado cleanup, clips from the centennial celebration, and a VFW ceremony.

Rural schools -  mpg    mov
Activities, including children's games, at Eureka. Ebenezer, and Elmaker schools. 

Scenes around town -  mpg    mov
Shots of a number of people and families around town, activities at the creamery, the WPA sewer project, a WWII scrap drive, and activities around Concordia High School.  Includes Davis Creek flooding.

Street fairs -  mpg    mov
Scenes from various street fairs through the years going back to an early Black & White dairy show.  Includes a number of Kiddies Parades.

St. Paul's Church / School / College clips:

Church scenes -    mpg    mov
Scenes around St. Paul's Church after services. 

Confirmation classes -  mpg    mov
Shots of the confirmation classes for 1943, 1944, 1945, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1954, 1956, 1957, and 1959.

Dedications -  mpg    mov
Dedication services for parish hall and parsonage, plus Rev. Wollenburg installation.

Picnics -  mpg    mov
Shots of activities at Ladies Aid and chuir picnics.

Weddings -  mpg    mov
Shots of the Frerking/Runge, Pape/Runge, Saults/Mahnken, and Bruening/Borgelt weddings.

Neighboring churches -  mpg    mov
Scenes from Holy Cross, Emma and St. Peter's, Flora churches.

St. Paul's Elementary School -  mpg    mov
A variety of scenes of St. Paul's Elementary School, including picnics in Southside Park.

St. Paul's College -  mpg    mov
A variety of scenes around St. Paul's College, including a Ladies Aid cooking apple butter and a College Day celebration.


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