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The following is a list of good sources of information about the Concordia, MO area -

Beissenherz, Gary L. Christ Our Firm Foundation - Yesterday, Today, Forever - St. Paul's Lutheran Church Concordia, Missouri 1905-2005 Marceline, MO: Heritage House Publishing,  2014

Frizzell, Robert. Independent Immigrants, A Settlement of Hanoverian Germans in Western Missouri. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2007

Hartwig, Nora. Concordia's Heritage: my recollections. Vol I and II: Reprints by The Concordian, 1990

Rodewald, Alfred, et al. Descending Love, Ascending Praise, 1840-1990: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Concordia, Mo. Concordia, Mo.: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 1990

Runge, Loberta. Frerking Family History. Concordia, Mo.: [privately printed, 1990]

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Concordia, Missouri 1840 -1965
(125th Anniversary booklet)

Schroeder, Dr. Alfred E. Concordia Missouri - A Heritage Preserved
. Columbia, Mo.: University of Missouri - Columbia, 1996

Voigt, Harry R. Concordia, Missouri: A Centennial History. Concordia, Mo.: Centennial Committee, 1960

(Copies of most of these references should be available at Concordia Library.)

Want to see who the previous land owners were around Concordia?  Take a look at the Maps page. (A broadband connection is recommended.)  To download any of these plats  in GeoTIFF format, use the following links:

1877 Plat    1897 Plat    1897 Concordia Plat

1914 Plat    1930 Plat    1974 Plat

Sanborn Insurance Maps of the early Concordia businesses and homes can be found at

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

Interested in grave sites in St. Paul's Cemetery?  Browse the following website.

St. Paul's Cemetery, Concordia, MO on Find A Grave

To  download Marty  Brunetti's  Tombstone  Inscriptions  of  Lafayette  County,  go  to  the  following  page.

Tombstone Inscriptions of Lafayette County

To download listings of early marriages in Lafayette County (1866 - 1900), go to the following page.

Lafayette County Marriage Books

Looking for birth or death certificates of your ancestors?  Check the following website.

Want to see some of the original land patents for the Concordia area?  Go to the following site, select Missouri, and enter the name of one of the original settlers, e.g. Dierking, Frerking, or Stunkel [note that names are sometimes misspelled].

(See Bureau of Land Management Patent Search Update for instructions on using this website.)


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