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Photo Gallery of Concordia and St. Paul's

The gallery of old photographs of the Concordia, MO area and St. Paul's Lutheran Church and School are now stored on the flickr website.  To access these photos, click on one of the links below.

Photos/Maps of the Concordia area

Photos of Concordia on Google Maps Street View

Photos of St. Paul's Church

Photos of St. Paul's Elementary School

Rehkop/Peterson Studio Glass Plate Negative Collection

Photos in the Rehkop/Peterson Studio glass plate negative collection have been posted in a group on the flickr website.  This collection contains a large number of photos of individuals, groups, buildings, and activities, not only from the Concordia area, but other locations in western Lafayette County that were serviced by this studio.

You can access these photos by clicking on the following link:

This will bring up a display of all of the photos in the collection. To locate specific photos, click on the magnifying glass at the far right of the line just above the top row of photos (i.e. after "View xxxx photos").  Then, in the search box at the very top of the page, enter a search string (like concordia baseball) to limit the display to just those photos.  You can then click on one of the thumbnails to bring up the display of a particular photo.  At this point, one can use the normal flickr controls to expand or download the photo or make comments.  (See instructions below.)

Note.  Using the search capability of flickr can be a bit confusing.  If the "Back to search' arrow is still displayed in the upper left of the window, you can use it to select another photo or enter a new search.  However. if you make any changes to the display of a photo, that control may change to 'Back to photostream' and the search will no longer be limited to this collection.  So a large group of photos may then be displayed .  To restrict the search, you essentially have to start over using the link above (or possibly use the backarrow of your browser).

As of 4/30/2017, all photos in the collection that were recognizable (or at least partially) have been uploaded but not all of them have been tagged.  So searches are limited.

Not familiar with using flickr?  Check the Quick guide to navigating the flickr website posting in the User Guides forum of the Message Board.

If you have some old photographs you would like to share, e-mail copies of them to me and I will be happy to post them.


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