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Pape Family -

Our son Dave has posted an hourglass chart of our family history on his website.  If you are interested in our family tree, click on the link to his site below.  The pedigree file for grandfather Jacob Pape obtained from Frank Bleck in Heeslingen, Germany can also be accessed using the second link.  (Note.  This second link also provides access to the information as posted on RootsWeb WorldConnect.)  These are works in progress.  Additions or corrections to them, as well as any other histories listed below, are welcomed.

Frerking Family -

Two different versions of the Frerking Family History can be downloaded via the following links.  (If the Adobe Reader opens, save from the reader or right click on this link and use 'Save target/link as ...)
Access Gary Frerking's version (includes an index)

Access Loberta Runge's version (includes some stories and other information)

An on-line version of the Frerking family tree can be accessed from RootsWeb WorldConnect via the following link.  (Note that a GEDCOM file of the information can be downloaded from there.)

Frerking family tree on RootsWeb

Other Trees Posted on RootsWeb -

Baumeister Family Tree

Kappelmann Family Tree

Schlue Family Tree

Stuenkel Family Tree

(More to be added.
Let me know if there are others of interest.)

Other Websites -

Links to more websites that have genealogies of other families with connections to the Concordia area are listed below.

Jacob and Margarethe (Wienberg) Bredehoeft


Runge Tree (includes Baepler, Bruns, Kammeyer, etc.)  [Site reformatted!]

Ziegelbein/Domsch Family [Original site changed to Von Fange in 2015]

Let me know if there are others of interest.)

Websites in Germany that have genealogies of families with Concordia connections include the following:

Stefan Eckhof

Schlesselmann   (Requires guest membership to see details)

(Let me know if there are others of interest.)

Print Copies of Genealogies -

If you are in the Concordia area, you can find the following printed family histories in the Concordia Library.
List of family histories in library

Cemetery Records -

Cemetery records are very useful for researching ancestors, particularly tombstone inscription and photos of the tombstones.   The tombstones almost always have an accurate date of death and usually the date of birth.  When families are buried on the same plot, they also provide information about their relationships. Two particularly useful websites are

Find A Grave

Billion Graves

However, many gravestones (particularly in older, private, and smaller 
cemeteries) may not be listed on those websites.  So the following page provides access to various tombstone listings.

Cemetery Listings

Marriage Records -

The marriage records for Lafayette County and surrounding counties have been published on-line.  To see a listing of some of the records that are available, 
click on the following page link.

Marriage Records

Spreadsheets of Genealogy Files -

By putting various genealogical records in spreadsheet format, they can be easily manipulated, such as sorting in various ways like date of birth or filtering on a specific surname.  Listed below are links to some samples in Microsoft Excel format.  If you don't have MS Excel, there is an excellent freeware clone of it at QpenOffice Windows for a PC or OpenOfficeMac for a Macintosh. After clicking on either of these links, wait a while for the download box to pop up automatically. (Note. The spreadsheet software is called Calc.)

Church records:

Two sets of  church records have been put into spreadsheet format.  They are the same files displayed on the Church Records page of this website and can be downloaded from these links.

  St. Paul's Church records

  St. John Church records

Family trees:

A posting on the message board at Using spreadsheets describes how the GEDCOM file of a family tree can be converted into spreadsheet format using a freeware program called GEDxlate from GEDmagic GEDxlate.  Below are links to samples of
spreadsheets for various  family trees previously posted on RootsWeb.  Entries are sorted by surname and date of birth.

  Baumeister family

  Frerking family

  Jacob Pape pedigree

  Kappelmann family

  Stuenkel family


Interested in our North Woods home in Central New York?  
Visit the Papes from Liverpool website. [Currently offline]


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