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Various Church Records

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Concordia:
The St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Concordia, MO records of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals were published in their Sesqui-centennial History Book entitled Descending Love, Ascending Praise... by Rev. Alfred Rodewald, et. al.  These were scanned, digitized, and stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

To view the records online, click on the first link below.  The tabs at the bottom of the screen allow you to select one of the given sets of records.  While you cannot sort in this viewing mode, you can search for records by using the Find function of your browser.

In order to sort and/or filter the data, you must download the files to your hard drive and view them in a spreadsheet program.  To download a copy of this spreadsheet, click on the second link.
Cemetery lots
If you are planning to visit the St. Paul's Cemetery, you might want to check the link below to the maps and listing of cemetery lots.  It could save time locating some of the gravesites.  This is a somewhat old tabulation of lots assigned or purchased between about 1903 and 1986.  For a listing of the gravesites in the older section, check the "Early gravesites" link. 
Be sure to check the comments at the end of the file.
St. John United Church of Christ, Emma:
Church records published in the sesquicentennial publication of St. John Church, Our Heritage, Our Mission: 1850-2000 were also digitized and stored in a spreadsheet.  They can be viewed or downloaded using the links below.
Note that these records are quite complete.  The baptismal records include birth dates, as well as names of parents and sponsors.  Confirmation records list birth dates and marriage records list witnesses.  Funeral records usually include birth dates and maiden names.
If you do not have a recent copy of Excel, a free copy of the Excel Viewer can be downloaded from the Microsoft site or one can use the spreadsheet program in Open Office (Calc) or equivalent.

St. Paul's Church Records:   View records online   Download spreadsheet

St. Paul's Cemetery Records:   Download maps and listing  Early gravesites

St. John Church Records:   View records online   Download spreadsheet

Download Microsoft Excel Viewer

Download Open Office

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