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More Information About Posting Topics/Replies

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:07 pm    Post subject: More Information About Posting Topics/Replies Reply with quote

Once you have registered on this message board (and I hope most of you do), you can then begin posting topics (by clicking the 'new topic' button above the list of topics in a forum) or you can post replies to previously posted topics (by clicking the 'post reply' button after you have selected a particular topic that has already been posted). Private messages sent to others in the membership list (using the PM button) are composed using a similar window. As noted previously, details are provided in Part 4 of the User Guide. This note provides some additional information on how to generate postings on this message board. To get started, here are some tips.


First, type a meaningful title in the subject field. This is what shows up in the listing of topics for a given forum. So make it something that people will recognize.

Message Body

Next is the box where you compose the text of your posting. You can just start typing away like you would in an e-mail, for example. Spell checking is included so you may notice some underlined words that it does not recognize. (It may mark some of the names you type if they are not in its dictionary.)

You will notice some buttons above the message box that allow you to control the look of the text and make some special entries. These are referred to as BBCode (actually a limited set of HTML used to format text in browsers). Details on how to use these are provided in Section 4.2.5 of the User Guide (see the link in the first paragraph). If you move the mouse pointer over a button, a brief description of how these buttons work is displayed. For example, if you come to a point where you want the text to be in italics, press the i button and the text that follows will be italicized. When you are finished using italics, press the same button a second time to stop the formatting. You might also want to use the bold or underline feature for emphasis. Check the guide for a description of the rest of these buttons.

Note that the 'img' and 'URL' buttons are used to link to files on a website, not something on your own computer (unless it is a web server that is on continuously). See the Attachments paragraph below if you want to send one of your files. The easiest way to use the URL feature is to open up another window in your browser, go to that website, copy the URL from the address bar, and paste it in the appropriate location. Similarly, you can copy a link to a file (or image) on a website and paste it in the posting.

If you would like to add an emoticon, i.e. a smiley face, wink, or other special symbol, you can click on one of these on the left side and it will be added at the point where the cursor is in the text box.

If you are expecting someone to reply to your posting, check the 'Notify me when a reply is posted' box and you will receive an e-mail when someone does post one. You can turn off these e-mails by clicking on 'Stop watching this topic' at the bottom of the page on which the topic is displayed.


As you scroll farther down, you will see a section labelled 'Add an Attachment'. This feature was added to the board recently primarily to allow one to add a photo or two at the end of your posting. It can also be used to upload files that someone else can then copy. Note. Plain text and document files, like pdf's and spreadsheets, are now allowed. (Click on 'Allowed Extensions and Sizes' to see what file types are permitted.) Click on the 'Browse' button to locate the file on your computer and then type in a brief description. Avoid uploading high resolution photos. It is best to limit the width of photos to 640 pixels. (If someone wants, a higher resolution copy, e-mail it to them.)

To protect the computer that hosts this message board from becoming flooded with too much data, limits are placed on the number and size of attachments. Up to 3 attachments can be added to a posting and only 1 to a private message. The size of attachments is limited to 256 kbytes. You may have to reduce the resolution of your photos or compress (zip) document files. If you think this is too limiting, let me know.


The next section is used to conduct polls. A potential application might be if someone is setting up a reunion and would like some feedback from relatives and friends. More information will be provide if and when usergroups are added to this board.


When you have finished composing your posting, click on the 'Preview' button at the bottom of the window to review it. If you see any errors or missing information, simply go back to the entry fields and make changes. Finally, be sure to click on the 'Submit' button so that the message is posted.
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Site Admin

Joined: 17 Mar 2009
Posts: 411
Location: Liverpool, NY

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:58 pm    Post subject: Private Messages Reply with quote

You may be wondering what the difference is between private messaging (PM) and sending an email. Actually, not much. Private messaging is a feature that came with this message board. It is intended as a way to send a comment back to an individual rather than putting it in a public posting.

Because PM was implemented with the same software used for postings, you can easily dress up your message with added features, such as smilies, if you are interested in that sort of thing. It also allows people to contact others (i.e. other registered members) without posting their email address. Note that private messages remain stored on the host computer of the message board. If you feel that the recipient might want to save or copy your message, I would recommend using an email instead.
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