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A quick start guide: Using the board, registering, posting

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:29 pm    Post subject: A quick start guide: Using the board, registering, posting Reply with quote

The official users guide for this message board can be found in the User Guide, Section 4. The rest of the guide covers installation and maintenance. If this is more detail than you want to get started, the following is a condensed quick start guide.


The board is grouped into categories and forums within the various categories. Users post topics within a particular forum and others can either post replies to these topics to continue a discussion or start a new topic. Categories/forums are used to keep the postings organized by subject matter. Special permission is required to create new groupings, so one must request the creation of a new forum if that is desired to keep the postings separated.

At the top of the message board page are a number of links to various pages of information and controls.
  • FAQ - Limited help information if you have problems
  • Search - Look for specific posted data
  • Memberlist - Information about registered members with e-mail links
  • Register - The place to register as a member (if you haven't already)
  • Usergroups - A method for grouping members with common interests
  • Profile - Where registered members enter their personal information and preferences
  • Private messages - Lists private messages sent to you by other members
  • Log in/Log out
Viewing postings:

To view a particular posting, first click on the title of a forum in one of the categories that interests you. Then, in the list that appears, click on a topic to see the contents of the posting. You can also use the search button near the top of the page to locate specific information. A number of options are provided to narrow your search.

If you see a topic to which you would like to respond, you can then click on the 'post reply' button to continue the discussion. Otherwise, if there is another topic related to that forum which you would like to post, click on the 'new topic' button to start a new discussion. However, to post a reply or start a new topic, you must be registered. So read the next sections.

Some general tips -
    - When you revisit this board, you can save time looking through all of the forums by clicking on 'View posts since last visit' in the upper right of the main page.
    - If you see a topic in which you are particularly interested, you can click on 'Watch this topic for replies' in the lower left of the page to receive an email if anyone replies. To stop receiving emails, click on 'Stop watching this topic'.
    - To quickly return to the list of categories/forums, click on the phpBB icon in the upper left of any page or use the 'Jump to' box in the lower right to go to a specific forum.
    - If you want to return to the other pages of the website, use the back arrow on your browser (or reenter the address in the address bar at the top of the page).


You can read postings and replies without registering and logging in. However, to get the most benefit from the board, you should register. Why? It makes it easier to know who posted a message and/or is looking for information. Also, you can post your e-mail address and others using the board will be able to contact you directly. You may establish contact with someone you do not have in your current address book. (Just remember to keep your address up-to-date if you change your service provider.) In the future, people might want to use the board to set up a family reunion.

To register on the board, you must provide a username and password. I would recommend that you use some combination of your actual name, such as initials and last name, for the benefit of other users. While I always hate having to register and remember the username/password, the system makes this relatively painless by including a checkbox to remember these the next time you access the board. Just don't check this box if you are accessing the website from a shared computer, such as one at a library.


Postings are grouped by category and listed by forums and topics within a forum. To see the list of topics, you must click on the NAME of the forum. To post a message on the board, first look over the forums/topics already listed to see if one fits what you want to talk about. If so, click on the name of the topic. You can either reply to a posting or post a new topic. If you feel a new topic should be started, create one.

When you select 'postreply' or 'newtopic', you will be confronted with a page that has a lot of features but is easy to use for simple messages. Just be sure to enter a subject and then type away in the box. The replies are not nested. So, if you are replying to a specific posting, include the name of the member who created the posting or reply.

See the official users guide if you want to spice up your posting. Using some of the markers is a little more involved, but in a short time you will be coding your messages like a web designer.
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